You think you know technology?

Do you really think you understand how and why technology has evolved during the past century? I am confident the video below will help you understand.

The following video is another video that celebrates the achievements of IBM. I especially like these clips because they demonstrate IBM’s contribution to meaningful events in society. The clips focus on the real IBM’ers that were a part of each one of the projects. Over the past 100 year IBM’ers have changed the world we live in today. Here are some of the events that are highlighted tin the 30 minute video “They Were There…..”

1953: Policy Letter #4
1958: Project SABRE
1964: IBM System 360
1969: The Apollo Program
1974: UPC (Universal Product Code)
1981: The Personal Computer
2005: The Genographic Project


2 thoughts on “You think you know technology?

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  2. This was a good video. Looking at the Fred Brooks/Bob Evans piece, how incredible was that? Yes and no are like the two wires in a cord. When both exist, they each contribute their part to the overall goal, but when one is severed the total energy flow stops. It’s interesting that a technology company has had a much longer life than so many ‘traditional’ companies (banking, insurance, accountancy, etc.).

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