Thain gets to just walk?

I am disturbed by the fact that this executive gets to just walk away from the crisis that he has been a part of.  So many Americans are being layed off, losing their homes and put in economic disaray.  Families are falling apart and dreams are being shattered.  He just quits and washes his hands of it all.


From Spectator to Producer

I have finally made a leap from becoming a Social Media spectator to a Social Media publisher.  I have always been a technology buff I believe that the web 2.0 revolution is less about technology and more about people finding their voices.

So here I am!  Many will say, I already make my voice heard…fortunately for you…you don’t have read this blog. ;0)

I intend to share many thoughts, ideas, hobbies and experiences here, but I think I want to share my professional experience with Social Media.  I am relatively new to a marketing role for very big software company.  My responsibility will be to understand how social media will affect our customers and how our customers will affect us.  This position is enabling me to be much more creative as well as practical.  I look forward to the challenge.